When you arrive to do your custom golf clubs at our Callaway fitting studio  you will be treated to first-class service. Working one-on-one with our Callaway Master Fitter you will be hitting a variety of club and shaft set-ups with our Trackman , to determine the best club and shaft combo for your swing. We have all of the latest offerings from Callaway, including irons, shafts, woods and drivers.

NWGA Callaway Master Fitter Ben Kreisman

Ben Kreisman, a native of Chicago, spent a majority of the last 20 years living in Denver, Colorado.  He returned home to attend the University of Chicago for his master’s degree before heading back to the University of Denver as a Ph.D. student.  During that time Ben began fitting for Callaway while finishing school, soon switched his focus to golf full-time both as a club-fitter and Assistant Pro.  More recently, Ben obtained his Master Fitting status which earned him a spot as Callaway Performance Representative and Master Performance Fitting for Chicago and northwest Indiana during the 2023 season.

Fitting Philosophy

Custom club fitting can truly be a game changer for any player.  Ben approaches club fitting as much broader than simply interpreting numbers.  He views it as a way help each player maximize their efficiency and create new ways to get even more out of their game.  Ben encourages players to be vocal and engaged during their fitting and works closely with your swing coach to understand where your game was, is and where you want it to be.  Each fitting will offer new ways to understand your equipment and provide a better understanding of your game.


Regripping is one of the most common club repair services we offer at Northwest Golf Academy . As grips are continually worn, they become slick and harder to hold. Golfers then squeeze tighter to hold on to them, which inhibits the release of the golf swing, and costs strokes. We stock almost every grip that's available in three different sizes: Standard, Midsize, and Oversize. Most importantly, we will measure your hands to make sure your grip is a proper fit.

Regripping. 24-hour Service Guaranteed… with a good potential of While-You-Wait.

For regripping orders or any questions related to regripping, email

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